Clan Shaw of North America




Richard Shaw, U.E.

57 Rotherglen Rd. N

Ajax, ON, L1T 1T4


 Delegate to CASSOC

Richard Shaw, U.E.

Crest:  A dexter arm, the hand holding the dagger, pale, proper 

Motto: fide et Fortitudine; by Faith and by Fortitude. 

Septs: Ay, MacAy, MacHay, Seath, Seth, Search, Shiach

From our common background within the Clan Mackintosh and the great Clan Chattan Confederation of tribes, the never-ending Clan Shaw family story begins at the ancient hill-fort at The Daune in Rothiemurchus Forest in the late fourteenth century. The early Mackintosh Shaws, or "Ciars" (nickname for swarthy or brown) soon sprouted a vigorous northern branch or sept in Strathnairn in 1468 called Clan Ay. A generation later, the main chiefly stem family established other vigorous and powerful septs in Rothiemurchus at Dell and Dalnavert and established a branch in the Western Isles on Skye, called the Clan Mhic Iver. This sept quickly spread to Harris and Jura. During this time of consolidation, a branch was also started over the Cairngorms in Deeside, settling eventually at Invercauld. This eastern branch of the family quickly became a powerful and independent clan in their own right, the Clan Fhionnlaigh, later called Clan Farquharson.

Because of Tribal and National Geopolitics, (a long story filled with politics and intrigue) by the close of the sixteenth century, the main Mackintosh Shaw chiefly family at the Daune of Rothiemurchus had lost its position of eminence and hegemony. Eventually, the second and now senior branch of the Clan Shaw up north at Tordarroch began to act as Heads of the Shaws within the Clan Chattan Confederacy. By 1629, our Clan Farquharson cousins were joined by a scion of the Shaw of Dell Chieftains. This Shaw established a new branch of the clan at Crathienaird in Deeside under the territorial hegemony of the Chief of Clan Farquharson.

This semiindependent sept, called Clan Seumas also spread north of Crathienaird to Glengairn and south to lovely Glenshee and Glenisla, settling at Easter Lair, Crandard, Blacklunans, Finegand, Little Forter, Achavan, Auchenree, the Balloch, Cray, Auchenleish, Drumjork, Broughdearg, and many other farms up and down the two glens.  From these and many other septs, branches and families, the Clan Shaw has spread throughout Scotland, Eire and England, scattering during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries 'to all the Airts' throughout the world. by William G.A. Shaw of Easter Lair 




Tordarroch Ancient