Instructions for finishing set up of your account to access private area of this website

To set your password for your account you will need the email address and username used for your account,  this will normally be the email address you used to register for the Symposium.

If you don't know the email used for your account,  contact

Your username has no capitals and usually is your first-name dot last-name. Spaces are removed and initials are ignored. 


Sarah Merritt : username is sarah.merritt
Robert James K Gregor, : username is robertjames.gregor

If you don't know your username and the above format doesn't work then follow the instructions on this page:  

or contact us using

To set up or reset your password

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address used for your account and click Submit.
  3. You'll receive a verification code in an email to allow you to access a password reset page. If your email address is not recognized, no email will be sent
  4. Use your username as described above on this password reset page. 
  5. After resetting your password and signing on, you'll see additional menu items for access to private areas of the website
  6. The regular login link to use afterwards is

Please feel free to contact us at should you have any questions or difficulties with this.