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Dale Nicoll

2144 Athene Drive

Concord, CA


(925) 490-9237

CASSOC Delegate:

Jacques Mc Nicoll

203-202 Rue Berlioz

Verdun, QC

H3E 1B8


Crest: a hawk's head erased Gules

Motto:  SCORRYBREAC  (Grey Ridge)

Septs: Nimmo

Name Variations

The Original Gaelic form of the name MacNeacail has over 80 variations in spelling.  This is due to Anglicising the name after the Jacobite Rebellions, as well as many emigrants from Scotland changing their names on arrival in their new country, as did many people who migrated to the Scottish lowlands in search of work.  Shortening or dropping the prefix "Mc" or "Mac", or Anglicising a Gaelic surname, or indeed changing the surname altogether for a similar sounding English one, which would be easier to pronounce and would conceal one’s origins, was common occurrence.

MacNeacail(l), MacNecail(l), MacNicael(l), MacNichel(l), MacNichol(s), MacNicholas, MacNicholl(s), MacNickel(s), MacNickell(s), MacNickle(s), MacNickol(s), MacNickoll(s), MacNicle, MacNicol(s), MacNicoll(s), MacNille, MacReacail, MacRickle, MagNicle, Maguenel, MakNychol(l), Makneguel, MhicNeacail, Micole, M’Nychol(l), M’Nychole, Neclasson, Necole(s), Necolson, Nicail(l), Niccol(s), Niccoll(s), Nichael, Nichel(s), Nichoal, Nichol(s), Nicholai, Nicholaisen, Nicholas(s), Nicholassen, Nicholay, Nichold(s), Nichole(s), Nicholl(s), Nicholson(e), Nicholsoun, Nickal(s), Nickall(s), Nickel(s), Nickell(s), Nickelson, Nickerson, Nickisson, Nicklas(s), Nickle(s), Nickol(s), Nickold(s), Nickole(s), Nickoll(s), Nickolson, Nickson, Niclasson, Nicol(s), Nicolaisen, Nicoll(s), Nicollsoun, Nicolson, Niklesson, Niochol(l), Nix(on), Nuccle(s), Nuccol, Nuckall, Nuckel(s), Nuckelson, Nuckle, Nuckoll, Nucolsone, Nychol(l), Nycholay(i), Nycholson, Nycholsoun, Nycol(s), Nycoll(s)


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