Clan MACFARLANE Worldwide, Inc



Sandy Morgan
6310 Calumet Rd
Amarilla, TX, 79106

Delegate to CASSOC:
Barb Duff
626 Upper Horning Rd.,
Hamilton, ON, L9C 7P9

CREST: A demi-savage brandishing in his dexter a broad sword Proper and pointing with his sinister to an Imperial Crown Or standing by him on the wreath.

MOTTO: This I’ll Defend.


MacFarlane comes into being because Gaelic grammar requires changes within a word to show possession. A "P" is softened to a "Ph", and an "i" is added to the last syllable. In this way, "son of Parlan" becomes "Mac" (son) "Pharlain" (of Parlan). All the variant spellings came about when scribes (usually not Gaelic speaking) tried to write the name as they heard it.

The following is a partial list of the surnames associated with Clan MacFarlane. To conserve space, only Mac forms are shown. Mc and M’ are scribal abbreviations, and therefore should be considered as included. All spellings derivable from the names and variants shown below should be considered as included also.
An asterisk (*) after a name indicates that the name is associated with other clans, or are separate clans unto themselves. Further genealogical research would be appropriate. 

Alla/en* Allanach* Allanson* Allison* Arre/oll* Bart* Bartholomew* Bartie/y* Bartson* Bri/yce* Caa/Caw* Calla/ende/ar* Condy/ey/ie

Cunnison/Kennison* Galbraith* Galloway* Grassick/Griesk* Greusaich* Gruamach


Lea/iper* Len(n)ox* MacAlla/en* MacAndrew* MacAndro* MacCaa/aw* MacCause* MacCondey/ie/y MacEa/och* MacEachern* MacEoin* MacErrachar* MacFarquhar* MacGaw* MacGreusich/k* MacI/Jock MacInally MacInstalker* MacJames* MacKin(d)la/ey* MacNai/ayer*

MacNid/te MacNo/uyer MacRob(b)* MacWalter MacWilliam* Michie* Milla/er* Monach/nock Parlane Rob(b)* Spruell* Stalker* Weaver Webster Weir Williamson* Wilson* Wyl(l)ie*