Anne Shoaf
5917 Tred Avon Court
Charlotte, NC,28226
Delegate to CASSOC:
Paul Johnston
59 – 8 Brighton Place
Thornhill, ON
L4J 0E3
CREST: a Winged Spur

MOTTO: Nunquam non Paratus: Never Unprepared

Johnson, Johnston, and Johnstone (all spellings)

A Short History:
The Johnston/es received their land in Annandale, Scotland from the Bruce family in appreciation of their support. The first owner called his land John's toun which means John's settlement. Not all Johnston/es are descended from the first Johnston/e. Over the centuries they grew into four major groups: the Annandale's of Southwestern Scotland, Caskieben of northeastern Scotland. Ulster from Northern Ireland, and others whose surname is derived from places that were once known as Johnstone or Johnson, such as Perth. The first recording of the name was around 1170 - 1174 when "Gilbert, son of Jon" was referred to as "Sir Gilbert de Jonistune". Today, Johnstone, Johnston, and Johnson are derivatives of the same name. The current Chief of Clan Johnston/e is Lord Patrick Annandale, The Right Honourable Earl of Annandale and Hartfell. He and his family live in the ancestral Johnstone home named Raehills House in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Clan Johnston has branches in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.