CREST: Out of a ducal coronet, Or, a swan’s head and neck, Proper



Malcolm Edmiston

 Delegate to CASSOC:

Malcolm Edmiston

MOTTO: Virtus Auget Honorem (Virtue increases honour)

Variant spellings: Edmondson, Edmonson, Edminson, Edminston, Edmisten, Edmiston, Edmeston, Edmondon, all spellings


Eric Anundsson or Eymundsson (traditionally died 882) was a Swedish king who ruled during the 9th century. The Norse sagas describe him as successful in extending his realm over the Baltic Sea, but unsuccessful in his attempts of westward expansion.

Queen consort of Scotland, Saint Margaret of Scotland "Margaret of Wessex" "The Pearl of Scotland" (1045 - 116 Nov 1093), was born in exile in the Kingdom of Hungary. An English princess and a Scottish queen. Daughter of Edward the Exile. and granddaughter of Edmund Ironside, King of England.

After the Danish conquest of England in 1016, King Canute the Great had the infant son of Margaret; prince Edward of Scotland exiled to the continent. He was taken first to the court of the Swedish king, Olof Skötkonung his kinsman, and then to Kiev. As an adult, he travelled to Hungary, where in 1046 he supported the successful bid of King Andrew I for the Hungarian crown.