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Justis McLaren


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CREST: A crowned lion's head, between two laurel branches.



Balquhidder MacAcllion MacPhat(t)er McClern McLarrin
Fad MacClaran MacRorie McClernand McLauran
Faed MacClarane MacRory McCleron McLauren
Lair MacClarence MacRoy McClerren McLaurie
Lare MacClaron MacRuari McClerrin McLaurin
Larnach MacClarren MacRuer McClerron McLaurine
Laughton MacCleran MacRurie McClery McLaury
Laurence MacCleren MacRury McCloran McLawran
Laurenson MacClern Maklaurene McCluron McLawran
Laurie MacCloran McClairin McCrori McLawren
Law MacCloren McClaran McCrory McLawrence
Lawrence MacClurn McClaranan McElharran McLawrine
Lawrie MacFade McClarand McElheran McLearen
Lawry MacFait McClaren McElheren McLearin
Laws MacFate McClarence McElheron McLearn
Lawson MacFat(t)er McClareon McElherren McLeary
Lawton MacFeat McClarian McEllhurin McLeran
Lawurence MacFeet McClarin McGory McLeren
Lawurie MacGory McClarion McIlcheran McLerens
Leary MacGrorie McClarn McIleherran McLeron
Lorne MacGrory McClarnan McIlheran McLerran
Lorry MacIntyre McClarne McIlheren McLurin
Loughry MacKlarain McClarnen McIllherin McPatrick
Low MacLaran McClarnon McLaaren McPhater
Lowe MacLaren McClaron McLaearn McPhatter
Lowery MacLarin McClarran McLairan McRory
Lowes MacLauren McClarren McLairans McSlarron
Lowrey MacLaurie McClarrin McLairen Paterson
Lowrie MacLaurin McClarron McLairens Patrick
Lowry MacLawrence McClary McLairin Patterson
Lows MacLawrin McClaryan McLairn Peatrie
Lowson MacLeran McClaurane McLaran Peatry
M'Clarene MacLern McClaurene McLarane Peterson
M'Claring MacLoren McClaurin McLareen Petrie
M'Clearen MacLorry McClaurine McLarem Petry
M'Cleron MacLure McClearin McLaren Rorie
M'Kleron MacPartick McClearn McLarern Rorison
M'Lairen MacPatrick McClearns McLarin Rory
M'Larin MacPater McClearon McLarn V'Laurane
M'Laring MacPeeters McCleeren McLarnan V'Lauren
M'Laurains MacPetre McCleran McLarning V'Laurent
M'Lauren MacPetrie McClergn McLaron V'Laurins
M'Leran MacPetry McClerhan McLarran W'Lawren
M'Lern MacPhait McClerin McLarren Wright

And other spelling variations

MacLaren Tartans


 Ancient I


Ancient II

  Dress (White)